Eye treat spa by masque bar

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 20.58.04.png*unfiltered please excuse the change in natural lighting*

CONTENTS: 5 treatments 

PRICE: £9.99

MY STORY: these masks have been around for a while in boots & I finally decided to give them a go. I was lured in by the fact that they’re Korean & Koreans take skincare, in particularly masks quite seriously & have a wide range of them available.

These are spongy patches with ingredients on the side that sticks to the skin.

Upon application your under eye area feels instantly cooled & tightens. It was a relaxing pleasant experience. I left the patches for 30 minutes as recommended. On removal there was no residue or stickiness. The skin under my eyes felt smooth and soft.

Whilst I noticed no appreciable difference in my dark circles, the skin under my eyes looked healthier, glowy & I felt that any makeup application to the area would have been smoother than usual.

The darkest area of my eyes are the inner corners & directly under my eye, it’s difficult to apply the patches here, in the picture on the cover the model appears to have them almost halfway down her face so if your dark circles are that low you may have better luck.

Easy & pleasant to use, not messy & good active ingredients to provide temporary hydration, tightening & moisture but not brightening to dark circles. 

AIM: These patches are specifically formulated to diminish the appearance of dark circles, shadows and uneven skin tones under eyes. 

DIRECTIONS: apply patch to dry cleansed skin under eye area. Remove after 30 minutes or after overnight use.

Sunflower seed oil – moisturises
Vitamin A & E – moisturise & antioxidants
Sodium hyalonurate – hydrates
Phyto collagen – firms skin promotes elasticity 

PROS: Cooling & soothing. Skin feels soft, firm & hydrated. Not messy & leave no residue. £2 per treatment.

CONS: no noticeable difference to dark circles.

Rating: 3.5/5


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