Collection conceal and light like a pro palette

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 20.21.05.png*unfiltered pictures, swatches on NC 35 skin tone*


PRICE: £3.99 (was £5.99)

MY STORY: I like the idea of correcting redness around my nose, pigmentation around my mouth & my dark circles. When I saw this palette for only £3.99 I had to give it a go.

There are 4 concealer shades, a highlight, a yellow, green & purple corrector. The formula is creamy, blendable with medium pigmentation & is buildable without looking cakey.

For my skin tone this palette lacked a corrector that was warm enough to counteract my under eyes & mouth pigmentation. The peach concealer is warm enough for fairer skins but is too light for me & if built up can start looking ashy.

The green corrector underneath the medium concealer works well for redness around my nose. The remaining concealers have medium pigmentation, the lighter shades & yellow corrector can brighten. The darkest shade on me works well to cover blemishes, on lighter skins it could contour.

I don’t have any use for the purple to counteract yellow-sallowness.

This palette works best on lighter skins. For medium to dark skins it works well to conceal but the correctors should be used in small amounts to avoid ashiness and it lacks a warm enough corrector. 
AIM: Custom-blend cream concealer & corrector shades provide buildable coverage for correcting, highlight & contouring.


There are no instructions with this but I imagine the shades should be used as following:

1. Peach concealer: under eye/dark pigmentation corrector.
2. Light concealer: use alone or over corrector.
3. Medium concealer: use alone or over corrector.
4. Dark concealer: can be used alone or over corrector & contour light to medium skin
5. Highlighter
6. Yellow corrector: under eye brightened/highlight
7. Green corrector: neutralise redness
8. Purple corrector: neutralise yellow/sallowness

PROS: cheap, good range of concealers for light to medium skin tones. Creamy, buildable. Comes with a mirror.

CONS: no warm corrector for darker skin tones, can start looking ashy if built up on dark skin. Needs setting with powder as can settle into lines.

Rating: 3/5


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