Charlotte tilbury goddess skin clay mask 

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 21.08.29CONTENTS: 75ml

PRICE: £45

MY STORY: I don’t usually buy skincare from make up brands because I think a specialist company is likely to be better at it. But what appeals to me about Charlotte Tilbury’s skincare is that products aim to specifically give a better base for make up.

To me this translates as a short term fix before a big event. This mask does that. 
Its texture is creamier than other clay masks as it’s full of glycerin & oils. It feels more moisturising & hydrating than a normal clay mask. Because of this it I didn’t feel it drawing out impurities the same way. It’s heavily fragranced with the smell of roses which could potentially irritate skin.

It rinsed off leaving a rubbery texture to skin, most likely due to the oil content. There’s no residue left but the oils improve skin texture & create a smooth base for makeup leaving skin soft & well hydrated all day without becoming oily.

In short some good softening & smoothing ingredients but the clay is not as effective as drawing out oils & impurities as other clays & doesn’t lift & tighten pores as claimed. 
Not sure I’d repurchase it at £45 as there are other masks I use before applying make up that are cheaper, less fragrant & just as hydrating.

AIM: Leaves skin moisturised, dewy & glowing whilst tightening pores & clearing imperfections.

DIRECTIONS: Mask across the entire face avoiding the delicate eye area. Apply from centre of face in outward sweeping motions towards hair line & neck. Leave for 10 minutes. Rinse off.

Spanish clay: absorbs oil & draws out impurities
Sweet Almond & Rosehip Oil:nourish & delay ageing.
BioNymph Peptide Complex (nicotiana sylvestris leaf cell culture): boosts collagen production & improves elasticity.
Essential oils: smoothen & hydrate.
Frangipani Flower Extract: soothing antiseptic properties leaving skin soft.

PROS: moisturising, skin feels soft & smooth. Texture looks improved.

CONS: expensive, unable to lift skin, tighten pores or draw out impurities. Heavily fragranced. Poor evidence of bionymph peptide complex increasing collagen topically.

Rating: 3.5/5


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