Boots smooth care hair lightener

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 19.59.06.pngCONTENTS: 50ml hair lightener 50 ml accelerator cream 1 spatula 1 mixing receptacle 

PRICE: £5.69

MY STORY: not the most glamorous of items + not a skincare product, however this product played a role in getting my skin to look it’s best so I had to mention it.

Dark haired girls may be familiar with the struggle of removing facial hair. For me it started with threading a moustache. 
Not satisfied at stopping there I eventually threaded all over my face. 

I soon realised this was unsustainable, threading my face took ages and whilst it looked good for the first day or 2, I would eventually get whiteheads and a few spots as a result. Eventually I decided that I’d rather have a few fine hairs in close up pics rather than potential pimples! 

I’ve tried Jolene in the past but asides from being a mess to mix it stung my face like hell and would make my eyes water. I switched to this product and instantly preferred it, it’s easier for to mix, smoother in texture, not as irritating and just as effective. It has an exfoliating effect on my skin so I tend to fine any scars tend to fade.

I’m guilty of using it all over my face but after years of use I know my skin can tolerate it. It can lead to redness and leave you feeling dry, this is usually short lived, if you have sensitive skin perhaps try a small area first and not just before an occasion.

I use it once a month, effects tend to wear off by then. Obviously hair are still visible just a lot lighter, it’s not a perfect solution to facial hair but the best I have found so far.

AIM: A simple and effective way to lighten body and facial hair in just 10 minutes.

Hydrogen peroxide 

DIRECTIONS: clean and dry area to be bleached. Mix equal amount of lightener and accelerator and apply with spatula. Do NOT rub in. Leave for 10 minutes, rinse off thoroughly. Keep away from eyes. Do not apply to broken skin. Wait 24 hours before reapplying. 

PROS: cheap effective, less irritating than other similar products. Lasts ages. Exfoliating.

CONS: will irritate + dry out sensitive skins, can stain clothing. Quite harsh on skin.

Rating: 4/5


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