Vichy normaderm anti age moisturiser


PRICE: £12 Boots

MY STORY: As someone with combination-oily skin it took me a while to understand exactly what I needed from a moisturiser. My conclusion is that a moisturiser is basically the coat of a skincare wardrobe. It’s job is to provide a layer of protection & to lock in skin moisture.
In my opinion you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a moisturiser, a serum – consider this the under garment of your skincare – is much more important to invest in as they are much richer in active ingredients & will deal better with any skin issues. Start with budget moisturiser & if it works for you, great, spend the money you’ve saved on a decent serum.

It is however important to choose a moisturiser that will work with your skin and serum. For me a good moisturiser will be water/gel based and oil free. I’d also like it to contain some anti ageing and anti blemish ingredients – which is precisely why I use this particular product. Its pale green gel/cream texture sits well with my serums & works well under make up. I have been devoid of any dry patches since using this which is about a year!

I’ve tried nivea’s daily essential oil free moisturiser a few years ago, it worked well, I switched as now I’m approaching 30 I need anti ageing in my life. For anyone on a budget, at £3.99 it’s worth a go if you have oily skin.

For dry sensitive skins I recommend Vichy’s aqualia thermal rich day cream or a more budget option is the nivea daily essential rich moisturising cream for dry and sensitive skin, I’ve not tried either of these due to my oiliness but the reviews & the moisturising ingredients are excellent, but not many ingredients are very ‘active’ so leave that to a serum.


LHA and Glycolic Acid – acid exfoliants
Glucosylated Vitamin C – anti ageing anti oxidant
DIRECTIONS: Use after cleansing, toning & serum

PROS: combats blemishes, hydrating without being too rich. Oil free. Good value for money.

CONS: not very organic – contains alcohol

Rating: 4/5


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