Vichy aqualia thermal serum


PRICE: £22.50 Boots

MY STORY: In the run up to my wedding last April I went skin care crazy and tried some luxury serums, I wasn’t taken with any of them enough to justify repurchasing them after the wedding.

Post wedding I was after something that was easier on my wallet but just as good if not better than what I’d used pre-April.

Luckily Sali Hughes review of this in the guardian enabled me to give this a go. I’m a fan of anything hyaluronic acid related and who doesn’t want to look hydrated?? I’ve just finished my first bottle of this after using it daily as my morning serum for 8 or so months so a little goes a long way! Its water based texture makes it pleasant and satisfying to use. It glides on and instantly plumps your skin giving it a pretty glow and is a good base for any further skincare and makeup. I love this almost as much as my beloved hydraluron (we’ll talk about this another time). I would repurchase it without a doubt but I’m a serum junkie and have a few others I want to try before committing to a repurchase. They have a lot to live up to!

AIM: A deeply hydrating serum for sensitive skin.

Sodium Hyaluronate

Apply a thin layer over cleansed (and toned if u do this) skin before moisturising.

A little goes a long way, nice wet texture. Hydrating. Does what it says.

Recently gone up in price from £17. Caroline Hirons lists some ingredients which may irritate some skins.

Rating: 4/5


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