Sunday Riley Good Genes


PRICE: £85

MY STORY: Before I start I want to say this product is expensive. If you are on any budget at all please don’t think you need this to acid exfoliate, there are other much less expensive products that work as well if not better on my skin.

I bought this in the 6 months before my wedding (it was the only time of my life that I could justify spending this much on 1 product) initially it definitely improved the texture of my skin, it was smoother than ever. I didn’t notice any rapid changes to old acne scars but the general appearance of my skin was a lot healthier.

I was so impressed I bought a back up bottle in case I ran out before the wedding. I was using it as a serum twice a day under my moisturiser.

Unfortunately towards the end of my first bottle I noticed an increase in small pimples, the type of which I hadn’t had for ages. Because this product was the only one I had recently changed I had to assume it was this. 
I should have cut back and used it perhaps once a day or as a mask treatment but as it was so close to my wedding I stopped using it completely to avoid risking further break outs. My skin is not particularly sensitive but there was something in this that irritated me.

My break out stopped when I switched to a different product (I’ll review this ASAP) I gave the remainder of good genes to my sister who has had a similar experience with break outs with it so started using it as a weekly treatment which seems to have done the trick.

In summary a luxury item which is tolerated best with weekly/occasional use.

AIM: A brightening, multitasking, radiance treatment and mask/serum


40% unneutralised lactic acid

DIRECTIONS: daily use as a serum or use as a mask 

PROS: excellent exfoliant, improves texture of skin.

CONS: so expensive! Led to small amount of irritation and breakouts. Pungent smell.

Rating: 4/5


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