Soap & glory a brush with greatness

IMG_1396CONTENTS: 1 brush with massage rubber side & cleaning bristle side

PRICE: £6.50

MY STORY: I’ve used a face brush for 8 years, when I started, electrical clarisonic type brushes were less available and truth be told I was keen not to have another electrical item that required charging.

I have oily sluggish skin, it takes a long time for any scarring to disappear and I have blackheads. I first chose to use a face brush because I thought it would help remove my scarring quicker.

I quickly realised it did more than that, the texture of my skin changed within days. Not only was scarring disappearing in days to weeks (rather than months) my face was softer, smoother, more radiant & my skin care & make up worked much better.

I can’t compare this to an electrical brush as I’ve never felt the need to try one, but I’ve used other face brushes, the body shop but one lacked a handle making it awkward to use and was too soft for my liking.

I use my face brush twice a day. If I’ve worn make up I’ll gently wipe the majority of it off first with a face wipe before going in with a cleanser & brush. I replace the brush every 3-6 months.

Apart from some over enthusiastic exfoliating on my part (I won’t lie, I’m guilty of giving myself the odd broken capillary) if used sensibly this brush can change your skin dramatically.

AIM: double action cleaning & massage face brush

Use on wet skin with a cleanser. Use white bristled side to surface sweep to cleanse. Rinse face & follow with pink rubbery side to massage and stimulate circulation. Rinse brush & leave to dry. Repeat daily.

Inexpensive.Firm bristles which do not lose their integrity too quickly. Lasts many months.

May irritate sensitive skin and lead to over exfoliation if used too firmly. Requires cleaning and drying. 

Rating: 4/5


One thought on “Soap & glory a brush with greatness

  1. Definitely need to purchase one of these. I’m so glad they’ve started to release more skincare tools! xx


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