Retinol reface

IMG_1401CONTENTS: 30ml

PRICE: £19.99

MY STORY: Retinoids (vitamin A) are a proven treatment for acne and are anti aging. What’s available by brands is much less potent than what a doctor will give you for treatment of acne.

I’ve used retinol reface on + off for 4 years. Before this, I used adapalene, a retinoid cream on prescription for acne which was stronger and would dry my skin out.

As my skin improved with other acne treatment (a post for another day) I switched to this milder product. I use it as a night time serum, it has a silky almost oily texture but sinks in well and because it’s used overnight I don’t mind the small amount of greasiness.

My skin texture is certainly smoother and softer when I use this. It’s difficult for me to assess the effect on acne and wrinkles as I use other products to prevent acne and I haven’t developed wrinkles just yet.

In short this is a good reasonably priced retinoid for people new to retinol who want better textured skin and to prevent wrinkles, acne sufferers may need stronger forms and should see their GP/family doctor.

AIM: 3 types of retinol aiming to give softer smoother skin whilst also targeting crows feet, fine lines and wrinkles.


Retinol and hydroxypinacolone retinoate. Not sure what the 3rd retinol is as its not listed.

Apply nightly to cleansed skin after toning before moisturising. Follow with SPF the day after.

PROS: lasts a long time, did not dry my skin like other retinoids, improved texture of skin over time. Anti aging.

Greasy texture. May irritate some skins

Rating: 4/5


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