REN flash rinse 1 minute facial with water activated vitamin c


PRICE: £32

MY STORY: I remember the precise moment of weakness that led to this purchase. It was 1 year ago after a 3 hour exam after which I was hungry, stressed & needed a distraction from going over incorrect answers in my head.

Luckily I came across this face mask whilst wandering aimlessly in M&S, it had been raved about on blogs and put an end to post exam gloom!

The mask is 10% ascorbic acid (vitamin c) which is coated in silica & glyceride, the coating melts away & the vitamin c becomes active when mixed with water. This should brighten, boost collagen improve pigmentation and address sun damage.

I’ve had mixed results with this mask, even though I think I always follow the same directions. On a good day it leaves my skin looking polished & bright, like it says it will. On other days I don’t notice so much of a difference. It’s a mystery. Anyone have any ideas?

When you activate the mask with water it emulsifies into a sticky gel, so make sure your hairs tied back!

My favourite part of using this mask is that it takes 1-2 minutes and when I get it right my skin is noticeably brighter. A good one to have in your repertoire of masks when you need a quick fix. This doesn’t sting or redden my skin like acid masks so can be used immediately prior to getting ready, but try beforehand if you have sensitive skin.

AIM: Skin instantly looks and feels re-energised, re-awakened. Reduces the appearance of lines, imperfections and photo-ageing. Tones, firms and banishes urban grey

Vitamin C – brightening antioxidant stimulates collagen
Glycogen Magnesium – boosts radiance
Boswellic acid – smooths lines

DIRECTIONS: use every 3 days. After cleansing, apply over face massaging with circular movements. Dampen finger tips with water and massage again to activate the Vitamin C. Leave for 1 minute. Rinse thoroughly.

PROS: takes only 1 minute, good percentage of active ingredients. Smells of oranges.

CONS: sticky texture when activated. Pricey, lasts 9 months once open. Variable results on occasions.

Rating: 4/5


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