Origins modern friction instant brightening pads

IMG_1470.JPGCONTENTS: 40 pads

PRICE: £32.00

MY STORY: I started buying these because they were the first acid exfoliating pads I came across, and they were always much cheaper at my local outlet which was handy!

Unfortunately their availability at the outlet is variable and for 40 pads I feel they are overpriced. The pads themselves are quite stiff and almost a little scratchy on the skin and leave it a bit tingly, they are well saturated in product.

I have at times cut them in half as they then last twice as long and still manage to exfoliate my entire face.

The instructions are to use them twice a week, I have been guilty of using them more frequently but would advise sensitive skins to use them as directed or avoid these particular pads altogether (there are many exfoliating pads which are gentler). Whilst they do a good job of reducing break outs and improving the texture of my skin I feel there are cheaper alternatives which do the job just as well without being as irritable when using them.

AIM: benefits of a professional 30% glycolic peel in under a minute. Skin looks smoother, brighter and more even-toned. In one easy step.

Rice bran extract
Fruit acids
Aloe to help condition and comfort skin

DIRECTIONS: Use twice a week on clean skin.  Apply in a circular motion.  Avoid eye area.  A slight tingling sensation is normal. Use sunscreen.

PROS: can be halved, effective exfoliant

CONS: pricey, scratchy, may irritate sensitive skin. Cheaper alternatives are also as effective.

Rating: 3.5/5


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