Nip + Fab glycolic fix night pads extreme

IMG_1324CONTENTS: 60 pads 55mm

PRICE: £9.95 (Superdrug)

MY STORY: I switched to using these acid exfoliating pads in May 2015 after I could no longer justify spending so much money on Dr Dennis Gross exfoliating extra strength beta pads and origins modern friction pads were no longer available at my local outlet store.
The pads themselves are softer and less abrasive than the other 2 but just as wet and saturated with acid. They work equally well at keeping my skin clear and bright. I’d recommend these to anyone with acne/oil/comedone prone/patchy skin. More sensitive skin might benefit from the less extreme version (I’ve not tried these but if you’re new to acid exfoliating then may be sensible to start here). I’ve switched my dry skinned cousin to these and she’s become a fan so I imagine they’re suitable for most skin types.

I also saw these recommended in Sali Hughes guardian column this month and was not at all surprised. A good one to keep in the repertoire!

AIM: Exfoliating facial pads targeting oily and congested skin

5% glycolic acid
5% salicylic acid
Lactic acid

Use after night time cleanse before toner/serum/moisturiser. Use SPF the day after. They recommend 3 times a week but I use them daily and have had no adverse affects.

Good value for money compared to similar exfoliating products from Dr Dennis Gross, origins, pixi, first aid beauty. Good combination of acids. They do the job well.

Softer pads (this is a pro if you don’t like the firmer pads but I am accustomed to a stiffer pad). May irritate more sensitive skins.

Rating: 4/5



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