Hydraluron moisture boosting mask

IMG_1387CONTENTS: 4 x 20ml sheet masks

PRICE: £19.99 regular price they are often on offer for £13.99 in Boots

MY STORY: I used the mask for the first time on my engagement in August 2014, I was doing my own make up and wanted glowing skin that would act as a smooth base for my make up.

This stuff was amazing, it plumped up my skin and made me glow from afar. When I used it again for my wedding, my make up artist was shocked I had nothing but skincare on my face because it looked so healthy, I’m sure it looked as though I had a glowing tinted moisturiser on.

I could use this every day were it not for the cost and time it takes to use. Hence I save it for special occasions. I recommend using it after cleansing, about an hour before applying any make up.

There is an insane amount of product on the sheet and if you cut open the foil packet there’s so much hydraluron left behind, I use it all over my face neck and hands once the mask is done. I wait a few minutes before applying the remainder of my skin care. 
I wait another 15 minutes or so before applying my makeup just to ensure everything has sunk in, you will find your foundation just glides on after this mask!

AIM: A deeply hydrating sheet mask.


Sodium Hyaluronate

Apply sheet mask for 15 minutes, remove and gently massage in any left over product.

A lot of product. Plumps up skin beautifully, does as it says. Make up glides on following this mask.

Can be messy due to amount of product. Not cheap.

Rating: 4.5/5


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