E45 dermatological cream


PRICE: £4.50

MY STORY: This product is a mineral oil, a natural by-product of petroleum. You may have heard claims that mineral oil can lead to acne is toxic & unsafe. 
So why do I use it as a cleanser & why do doctors prescribe it as a moisturiser for people with dry skin problems? Basically the mineral oil in cosmetic products is of pharmaceutical grade which is purified & doesn’t contain the toxins of concern. 
Mineral oil doesn’t become solid & can’t block pores to cause acne but can make skin greasy.

I began using this as a cleanser 8 years ago as a medical student when I suffered from facial acne & eczema. Dermatologists teaching me at the time recommended that eczema patients use emollient (moisturiser) as soap to avoid drying out their skin.

I switched to e45 expecting my acne to go mad. Instead my eczema improved & my skin became smooth. My skin became less oily/acne prone as a result of not stripping it with stronger cleansers.

I don’t advocate using mineral oil liberally & wouldn’t leave it on my face BUT as a cleanser that’s on your face for 2 minutes a day it’s unlikely to do any harm. 
I feel e45 works as well as many oil based cleansers on the market at removing makeup & cleansing skin. Many of which contain plant based oils instead of mineral oils and are actually less regulated & potentially more irritating. I certainly break out if I use plant based oils on my face. Given that all cleansers quickly end up in the drain I don’t think you need to spend lots of money if a cheap one works for you.

If using e45, be aware of greasiness if not rinsed properly & be aware of the controversy, but also know there’s no real evidence to back claims it’s toxic at pharmaceutical/cosmetic grades. As a cleanser that you wash off it’s not going to do any harm.

AIM: treatment for dry skin conditions


White soft paraffin
Anhydrous lanolin
Light liquid paraffin

DIRECTIONS: To cleanse: massage on to wet skin & work in with a face brush. Rinse thoroughly. 

PROS: cheap, removes make up well. Works well with a face brush.

CONS: greasiness/irritation if not washed off.

Rating: 4/5


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